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Svetlana Chmakova is an internationally published, award-winning manga author, with more than a dozen published books and her work translated into over 13 languages. Born and raised in Russia, she moved to Canada at sixteen years old to finish high school and trick Sheridan College into giving her a Classical Animation diploma.

Accidentally becoming a full-time artist and writer after that, Svetlana has drawn and written for animation, how-to-draw books, toy designs, and most of all, comics and manga. Thousands and thousands of drawings for comics and manga. SO MANY DRAWINGS... In addition to producing several manga series, Svetlana was a Master Comics Artist-in-Residence at Atlantic Center for The Arts (IT WAS AMAZING she wants to go back), a featured artist for the US-wide 2011 "You Are Here" Collaborative Summer Library Program, and to this day remains a skillful shirker of deadlines.

Svetlana is currently being published/endured by Yen Press, an imprint of Little, Brown and Company, and makes her home somewhere between Toronto, Canada and California. Her hobbies include eating, sleeping, buying far more books than she has shelf space, and riding the subway in the middle of the day, when it's half-empty, half-full of Very Interesting People.


Crush; published in 2018 by Yen Press.

Brave; published in 2017 by Yen Press.

The Art Adventures of Mr. Raccoon; self-published in 2016.

Awkward; published in 2015 by Yen Press.

Witch & Wizard Vol 1, Vol 2, Vol 3; manga adaptation of prose novels by James Patterson (with Gabrielle Charbonnet, Ned Rust, Jill Dembowski); published in 2011-2013 by Yen Press.

"An Awfully Big Adventure" included in Peter Pan; published in 2012 by Bento Comics.

"The Amazing Case of Countess Maria Potemkina" included in Sherlock Holmes; published in 2011 by Bento Comics.

"Masks" included in Poison Candy; published in 2010 by Bento Comics.

"Red Maple Leaves" included in Piece by Piece; published in 2010 by Puffin Canada.

Telling Tales; contributing artist; published in 2010 by Sweatdrop Studios.

Nightschool: The Weirn Books Vol 1, Vol 2, Vol 3, Vol 4; published in 2009-2010 by Yen Press.

"On The Importance of Space Travel" included in Flight volume 5; published in 2008 by Villard Books.

Mangaka America; contributing artist; published in 2006 by Harper Design.

Dramacon Vol 1, Vol 2, Vol 3, Ultimate Edition; published 2005-2008 by TOKYOPOP

The Adventures of CG!; published 2005-2007 in CosmoGIRL!

24 Hour Comics Day Highlights 2005; contributing artist; published in 2005 by About Comics.

Night Silver; published in 2003 at (currently offline).

Chasing Rainbows; published 2003-2006 at (currently offline).

The Dragon in the Smoke; contributing artist; published in 2003 by Hersey Gaming.

Svetlania Weekly; published 2002-2004 at

Yoriko, Maiden of the First Fire; published in 2000 by Kat And Neko Manga


2018 - Brave was nominated for The Harvey Awards for "Best Children or Young Adult Book".

2018 - Awkward won the Pennsylvania Young Reader's Choice Award for Grades 6-8.

2018 - Awkward won the Louisiana Young Reader's Choice Award for 6-8th Grade.

2018 - Brave was an Honorable Mention for the inaugural Excellence in Graphic Literature Awards.

2018 - Brave was selected for the 2018 Great Graphic Novels for Teens by Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA).

2017 - Brave was selected as one of the Top 10 Kids Graphic Novels of 2017 by ICv2.

2017 - Brave was included on the Top Ten Kids' Graphic Novels of 2017 by School Library Journal.

2017 - Brave was included on the Best Comics and Graphic Novels of 2017 list by Amazon.

2017 - Brave was nominated for the Silver Birch 2018 Fiction Award.

2017 - Awkward is an Honour Book of the 2017 Silver Birch Fiction Award.

2017 - Awkward won the 2017 Rocky Mountain Book Award Gold Medal.

2017 - Awkward is one of the 2018 Sasquatch Nominees by the Washington Library Association Book Awards.

2016 - Awkward won the Dragon Award for Kids Comics at the 2016 Shuster Awards.

2016 - Awkward has been included in the 2017 Forest of Reading nominees by the Ontario Library Association! It's nominated for the 2017 Silver Birch Fiction Award®.

2016 - Awkward won the 2nd Annual Dwayne McDuffie Award for Kids' Comics

2016 - Awkward selected by the Toronto Public Library for their Summer 2016 Top Ten Local Reads

2016 - Awkward was nominated for a 2016 Eisner Award

2016 - Awkward was selected for the Maine Student Book Award 2016-2017 Reading List

2016 - Awkward was selected for the Top Ten Great Graphic Novels for Teens of 2016 by Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA)

2015 - Awkward was listed in the Top Ten Graphic Novels of 2015 by School Library Journal

2012 - Witch and Wizard: The Manga was nominated for a Joe Shuster Award

2012 - Dramacon Vol. 1 was included in the YALSA's 2012 Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults

2011 - Svetlana was a featured artist for the "You Are Here" Collaborative Summer Library Program poster campaign

2011 - Svetlana was nominated for a Joe Shuster Award for Outstanding Cartoonist (Writer/Artist)

2010 - Nightschool 1 & 2 was awarded the Joe Shuster Comics for Kids Award

2010 - Nightschool 1 & 2 were on the YALSA's 2010 Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult Readers

2010 - Nightschool 1 & 2 were on the YALSA's 2010 Great Graphic Novels for Teens

2010 - Nightschol is on the list of San Diego Comic-Con 2010's "Best Manga: International"

2008 - Dramacon was nominated for "Best Manga - Comedy" at SPJA Industry Awards

2007 - Dramacon is on the YALSA's 2007 Great Graphic Novels for Teens

2007 - Dramacon was nominated for Special Recognition Eisner Award

2006 - MangaCast Yomi for best global manga of 2006

2006 - Dramacon was nominated for a Harvey Award in the Best New Series of 2006 category

2006 - Dramacon earned an honorable mention in First Annual Publishers Weekly Comics Week Critic's Poll

2005 - Dramacon was named as one of Best Comics of 2005 by Publishers Weekly

2004 - Chasing Rainbows was nominated under "Promising New Talent" at the Ignatz Awards




Schedule-permitting, Svetlana offers workshops and presentations at libraries and schools. For bookings please contact Svetlana directly.


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If you would like Svetlana to appear at a convention and are not on staff with that convention, send your request to the staff of the convention and direct them to this web site.

If you are on staff with a convention and would like to invite Svetlana to appear, please contact Svetlana directly with details.


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